Kruhay San Jose (Part 2)

// October 20, 2015

Following from our earlier post, Kruhay San Jose! (1), we give you the part 2 of our adventure. 

The ruins of San Pedro Church are one of the oldest in the province. The stone foundation of the church were said to be made by the Augustinians during the Spanish era. With cogon as its roofing, stories say, the church caught fire when the priest’s pet monkey played with fire.  Since then, the church remained unfinished. It is now a prayer garden where one can meditate peacefully or commune with nature. Meanwhile, a modern-style church with Mexican architectural influence serves the people of Barangay San Pedro.



The ruins of San Pedro Church in San Jose, Antique


The new San Pedro Church

Real life Farm-Ville



At San Jose, they also have a real life Farm-ville! With their remarkable organic farming practices and research, students and farmers of San Jose are now more knowledgeable in efficient and high-yield farming at low cost. Nothing goes to waste at the farm; all are recycled from animal wastes to dry leaves and twigs.


A new affordable but comfortable accommodation in San Jose de Buenavista is the Pinnacle Suites and Functions. The trendy place will give you the best of Antique — furniture handmade from indigenous materials, enviable works of art by Antiqueno artists, an appetizing treat of local dishes, and of course, the warm hospitality of the Antiqueños.



The tour will never be complete without enjoying the sumptuous treat of Kinaray-a dishes catered by the Femos Kitchenette/Femos Centrosphere. Though it closely resembles its neighboring provinces’ cuisine, Antique’s delicious treats give a distinguishable aromatic taste. With the province’s rich agricultural supply and a variety of spices and ingredients, Antiqueños have developed a unique way of cooking and delighting their guests with their dishes. (See our post: Gastronomic Trip in Antique)


Before leaving San Jose, we stopped by at the historic Evelio Javier Freedom Park. Inside the plaza is a memorial for the martyred Antiqueño. Evelio Javier was gunned down at the height of the electoral contest between then Corazon Aquino and President Ferdinand Marcos. Javier was a supporter of the Aquino-Salvador ticket.


Another tourist destination near the park is the old Antique Provincial Capitol re-built in the American era.