A state of holiness with the Trappist Monks

// November 5, 2015

Deep within the heart of Guimaras’ town of Jordan is a secluded community or monastery of Catholic Christian monks called Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Abbey by the Cisterian Order. Away from the bustling city of Iloilo and separated by a strait, the Trappist monks found peace in this island and are living a life dedicated for the contemplative search for God.


The primary role of Cistercian life is to seek union with God and to witness to His holiness and His desire for the salvation and sanctification of all persons and to unite all peoples in their adherence to Him through their faith in Christ and his Catholic Church. The means of fulfilling this role in the world and in the Church is primarily by prayer, both public and private. – Abbot John Eudes Bamberger, OCSO


The beautiful pine trees and the vast plantation and orchard of pineapples, mangoes, rice and coconuts are adding to the serene and cool atmosphere where the monks can genuinely reflect and live a monastic life. The farms inside the abbey is also a source of simple livelihood, as well as source of their own food as they grow different fruits and vegetables.

The Gift Shop



Mango Piaya


Pandan-flavored Barquillos


Oatmeal Cookies


Dried Mangoes


Mango Jam

The produce from these farms are made into jams, local delicacies such as dried mangoes and barquillos which are one of the in-demand products in their souvenir / gift shop at the abbey’s gate. They also have a small bakery where they  make delightful cookies.


Hand-made products

At present there are some 35 monks in the community; more are interested in joining us. We are in the process of expanding our food production facilities and improving our farm and woods so as to be able to provide adequately for our financial requirements as the traditions of our Cistercian Order call for. – Abbot John Eudes Bamberger, OCSO

The Abbey Church



Built in 1997, the large church is a place where guests can join the Trappist monks in mediation and prayer. The church has a separate entrance and assigned areas for guests and for the monks.

Also included in the monastery’s facilities are private and modern guesthouses and retreat houses.


OLP-logoHow to Get There:

From Iloilo International Airport: Take a shuttle van from the airport (some vans may take you straight to Ortiz Wharf). You may also opt to take Plaza Libertad jeepneys and ask the driver to drop you at Ortiz Street (Eagle Mansion). The pump boats at Ortiz Wharf will take you at Jordan Port where there are jeepneys plying via the circumferential road and straight to the Trappist monastery. 



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