Enjoying seafood feast in Roxas City

// November 5, 2015

What else to do in Roxas City – the Philippines’ seafood capital?


Roxas City will not be the country’s seafood epicenter for nothing! With its proximity to Visayan Sea – one of the most biodiversified marine ecosystems in the world, Roxas City and the whole of Northern Panay (Capiz and northern towns of Iloilo) are blessed with bountiful harvests from the sea. All kinds of yummy seafood dishes can be tasted here, but with much lower costs.


Roxas City People’s Park and Seafood Court

Some of the catch from Roxas and Capiz are exported to other Panay cities such as Iloilo and Passi, and as far as Boracay in Aklan.

Upon arrival to Roxas City (2 to 3 hours away from Metro Iloilo), we headed straight to People’s Park and Seafood Court for our lunch. It was Saturday so the place is full of guests (others from Aklan and Iloilo) for a mouth-watering galore of seafoods.


Just fresh from the sea. Take a pick and you may choose how it will be cooked.

I know you’ re all hungry to know what they’re serving there, so we’ll have a rundown of what we ordered:


Steamed talaba (oysters). May also be baked with cheese.


The ever famous Diwal shell (baked).


Grilled Liempo (not particularly seafood) 🙂


Grilled pusit (squid)


Sweet and sour crab (once opened, it’s full of alive or fat crab) yum yum!


Grilled pantat or catfish (not exactly seafood) 🙂


Kinilaw na tanigue (cooked in vinegar)


IMG_4472 seafood-capital-roxas-city-capiz seafood-capital-roxas-city-capiz seafood-capital-roxas-city-capiz


2 thoughts on “Enjoying seafood feast in Roxas City

  1. vivien wordsman says:

    withe all that delicious food you ordered for 3(?)people…how much is all that???just an estimate will be ok…


    1. Mark Segador says:

      Hi Ms Vivien! Thank you for visiting our website. Yes, we spent approximately 750 pesos for the lunch (sorry, I already lost the receipt for the breakdown). The food is really cheap in Seafood Court, not to mention super delicious and fresh. 🙂

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